Some Ideas For The Wedding Night Bedroom Decoration

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Wedding night is the most special night and it represents the beginning of the symbiosis, which is marriage. That night should be the most perfect night in the life and bedroom should be decorated appropriately. “Covers for Lovers” is a blog that will share some secrets that will help you decorate your wedding bedroom in the best way possible. There are some things that should be done for decoration, and some things that should be avoided, and we will try to instruct you on things that will bring the best out of the room.

First important thing is the lighting in the bedroom. It shouldn’t be too strong, and if possible it should be a little dimmed. That kind of light will give a romantic effect. For the best effect, the lights should have a pink glow.
If you want a really romantic effect then you should opt for candles instead of normal lighting. You can adjust the brightness of the room with the number of the candles you place. You should use scented candles, and if you use a scent your other half likes the effect will be great.

Flower petals, especially rose petals, will have a very positive effect in the room. A heart or two should be made out of those petals on the bed, and around them you should put a lot of rose petals.

Too many decorations will spoil the feel of the room, so if you are going with the rose petals, you shouldn’t add anything else.

Things that were mentioned can be arranged in different styles to give the different feel of the room. For example, if both of you love nature you can opt for green setting of the room; with or without leaves, but with some kind of heart pattern. Heart pattern is the most important part of every wedding bedroom setting and it should be found in at least one or two places in the room.

White bedroom setting, with roses and dimmed light will also work great. White color symbolized the purity and the beginnings of the relationship both of you have entered. But don’t overdo the room with white color because it won’t look as romantic as it would look with some pink or red details around the room.
Fresh fruit in the room is also a good thing to have. But if you are going with fresh fruit then you should limit the amount of rose petals in the room and on the bed.
When it comes to petals you can use them to create a path from the door to the bed or from the door to the bathtub. In the case of bathtub you can enhance the effect with some candles and some additional petals. Few candles around the bathtub will give a very nice light effect and rose petals in water were always a romantic thing.

We gave you some ideas you can use to decorate the bedroom and bathtub on the first wedding night. You can combine them with some of your own ideas to create a perfect place both of you will remember your whole life.

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Advice For Decorating Your Bedroom

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Did you know that covers for lovers are successful Czech pop band? But that’s not why we are here today. We are here to talk about the best bedroom decorating for marriages. This is an important topic, because loving and dreamy bedrooms are connecting married couple far more than you think. Decorating your bedroom into a romantic area will help your life, no matter if you are newlywed or if you are in marriage for fifty years. What you need is not just a new sheet for your bed.

You will have to think about the ornaments, about the lighting and color of the room and all kinds of arrangements. You can be traditional, but you can be modern as well. It’s important to be romantic to your partner. Because, if you think that wedding is the happiest day of your life, then you shouldn’t stop there.

You can create other special days and moments in your romantic decorated bedroom. So here are some advice for decorating your bedroom.

For starters, you shouldn’t decorate it alone. No matter if you or your wife likes to decorate, you must do this task together. This isn’t your or your wife’s room, it’s something that you share, and therefore, this bedroom must be liked by both participants of marriage.

Secondly, a color is really important. You must remember that bedroom is the place where you sleep and rest. So if you are irritated with some color then you shouldn’t put it in your bedroom, no matter if your partner insists on it. Just remember that marriage is a huge compromise and that every problem can be resolved by conversation. When I decorated my bedroom I strictly said to my wife that it could not contain any purple color. I don’t like it, but my wife does. However, she understood me and now we both enjoy in our red colored bedroom.
The next advice is important as well and that is; don’t be a slave of trends. You saw some décor online that you really liked but after you read some reviews you changed your mind because it is “the last year decor” or something like that. Just remember that opinion of other people is not relevant in this situation. The main task of decorating your bedroom is that you like it and that your partner likes it too. Décor you choose must represent relaxation and family atmosphere. So don’t follow trends. They will be saying that something is out of fashion, but others can tell about that décor that is retro. You will just be confused.
Little details can improve your bedroom as well. For example, all my life I’ve had TV in room where I sleep. My wife didn’t and after a conversation we took it out. As I said, a compromise. Also do not forget about candles which will give romantic atmosphere but do not force them – ocasionally light them up. Use them wisely and don’t forget to put out the flame before you go to bed.

If you want more of these tips and advice then click here for the website.

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